The Life Erotic – The Appointment 2

Mary Lin – The Appointment 2
Gorgeous Mary Lin, a stunning, curvy blue-eyed blonde, is taking part in a research project – and we watch the real-time action interspersed with footage being filmed. As she sits and talks to an anonymous scientist in a lab coat, she is dressed in only a white shirt, matching plain white cotton panties and black-framed nerd-chic glasses. The woman examines her, touching her under the chin and manipulating her head, gently yet forcefully. Soon, Mary takes off her glasses, followed by her top, yanking its snap fastenings open to reveal pert, full breasts and stiff nipples. She sits in her tight white underwear, caressing herself, as the scientist directs her and takes notes on a clipboard. One hand teases her tits as the other slips inside of her panties – then she removes them to expose her smooth, freshly shaved pussy. The scientist, focused on the experiment, continues to give her instructions and, although there seems to be some debate, Mary doesn’t resist. She sticks adhesive pads attached to wires to her body, and the researcher presses buttons on a console, sending pulses of electricity through her muscles, causing them to twitch. Breathing deeply, eyes shut and head thrown back, Mary works her fingers in her crotch, chest rising and falling as the sensations shooting through her become increasingly intense. Flaunting her stunning body, Mary moves to kneel on her chair, displaying her rounded ass, and reaches back between her thighs, two fingers circling between her fleshy lips as she moans loudly and rhythmically. Her free hand massages and squeezes a butt cheek, and grainy footage captures her self-pleasure, illuminated by a table-lamp trained on her by the scientist. She sits in her chair once again, sprawling, thighs splayed, knees bent and cute bare feet resting on the low glass table in front of her, and works herself into a frenzy, hand a blur and teeth gritted as she takes herself towards orgasm. Meanwhile, the researcher coolly records the details of the experiment. At last, Mary cums, screams rising in pitch, thighs quivering and hips bucking. As she lies back, she seems oblivious to the presence of the other woman. This is purely and simply about her own bliss now…

Date: October 13, 2018